Saturday, December 22, 2012

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 11: Solidarity - Dat's Da Best!

The eleventh week of Solidarity Fish Fry is in the books and in our bellies.

And what a fish fry it was.

As the gentle eater might remember, this was the week we treated Palermo workers to a fish fry.  Thanks to your generous donations, we had a grand turnout:

Some of the Palermo workers and their families

The workers expressed their gratitude for everyone's generosity and that they were proud to stand with their union brothers and sisters at Serb Hall who fighting to keep their rights.

It's really sad that we are treating the workers better than Palermo's is.

If you wish to help the Palermo workers beyond tonight's fish fry, you can still donate to their fund here.

We were also joined by Joe Shansky of Voces de la Frontera, who acted as translator and helped smooth out a few of the glitches that always seem to happen when one does something like this.

Joining Mr. Shanksky was his father Frank Shansky of AFT Local 212; his mother, Joanne; and his brother Dan Shansky.  Also joining them was the charming Luz Sosa, also of AFT Local 212:

From left to right: Joanne, Joe, Dan, Luz and Frank
And, as usual, I was the fortunate man to share a table with Randy "Ironstache" Bryce and his friend, Alan Showers, who came all the way up from Illinois to join us. As well as the Goddess of Labor, Annie Wacker and John Kaye, Dave and Caryn Redemann and my beautiful, but camera-shy wife:

On a side note, the humor of the evening was provided even before we sat down to eat.  While in the bar waiting for everyone to show up, Judge Rebecca Bradley - whose claims to fame is having been appointed to the bench just last month by Scott Walker and having served as the president of the Milwaukee branch of the Federalist Society - was going around bothering patrons, asking them to sign her nomination papers.  From what I could see, she didn't get many people, if any, to sign.  

Odd thing is she never approached me or anyone in our group. I wonder why that was.

And yes, we will ring out the old year with the twelfth week of Solidarity Fish Fry.

One fish fry longer, one fish fry stronger.

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