Thursday, December 27, 2012

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 12: Stay Hungry

Just a friendly reminder that this is week 12 of the Solidarity Fish Fry.

In case the gentle eater somehow forgot, the management at Serb Hall is trying to bust the union by punishing and harassing the union waitress and bartenders there.

So, in response, we decided it was time to show management how important the unions were to them.

Every Friday, for twelve weeks now, we have been going to Serb Hall for a fish fry.  And when we arrive, we make sure that we specifically ask for a union server.

Then after we eat our delicious meal, we make sure to leave a generous tip in gratitude for the high quality of service we received.

It's that simple. Really.

Join Randy Bryce, the Tsar of Tartar, and I this Friday.

What better way to ring out the old year than with a belly full of fish and heart full of solidarity?

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