Sunday, December 30, 2012

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 12: Good Cod, Y'all!

Last Friday was the twelfth week of the Solidarity Fish Fry and it was another fabulous week.

When I arrived, I noted that Randy Bryce, the Count of Cod, was there with his beautiful wife, Fay, and his handsome son.

Fortunately, they know we're coming now and so they made up extra food for the rest of us.

I had the distinct pleasure of dining with Annie Wacker and John Kaye, our newest author, Shane, and my good friends, Milwaukee County Supervisor Jason Haas, his wife, Stacie, and their dashing son, Ellison.

Stock photo of Sup. Haas

The Progressive Democrats made for a strong showing as well:

But the surprise solidarity eater was none other than Representative JoCasta Zamarripa and her companion, Delila:

The waitresses and other staff again expressed their appreciation of our support.

I have also learned that the negotiations appear to be heading towards an end, but it is not known whether it is for good or bad.  We will keep you informed.

But until there is word otherwise, we will continue to hoist our forks in solidarity with our brothers and sisters at Serb Hall.

We'll see you there this Friday for lucky Week Thirteen as we ring in the New Year with another Solidarity Fish Fry.

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