Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Ray of Hope

While the election was a nice way to end the year, I am not foolish enough to think that our current Democratic elected officials are going to be able to solve the mess we are in as a country.   We pointed out that many of our friends on the right, are just not mature or intelligent enough to actually take part in any kind of meaningful discussions.   We have a two party system and we can not solve our problems without both parties working together(which is something that has not happened for a while).  

Luckily all hope is NOT lost and there is sanity in the republican party, and for the sake of the country they are starting to be empowered to speak up! 

Bruce Bartlett, who served under both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, is one such republican!  Mr. Bartlett has had a lot of things to say recently about the state of the republican party, so lets let him talk

 “Things have changed so dramatically since the days when I first got involved with Republican politics,” says Bruce Bartlett, a former senior policy analyst for Ronald Reagan and executive director of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress.  “The Republican Party was the Party of ideas and now it’s the Party of crazy people, ignorant Tea Party people – people who know nothing and are proud of it.”
The decline of the union movement has been very, very damaging to our politics,” Bartlett laments.
There’s no question that Republicans hate democracy when it comes right down to it…It’s very common to hear Republicans say that people on welfare should not be able to vote,” Bartlett told us.  He added: “They’re also basically racist. They don’t want anybody other than white people to be able to vote…I think one reason why they’re behaving so crazily is because they’re desperate. They know the demographic trends are all going against them and they are just holding on for dear life.”

As long as you've got crazy Tea Party people who for some reason vote against their own direct economic interest and support the billionaires against themselves, we’re kind of stuck,” he lamented.   

Unfortunately, it’s not just the Republican Party that’s stuck. As long as those “crazy people” are running the people’s House of Representatives, the American people are stuck, too, watching helplessly as our nation unravels, and waiting anxiously for Bartlett’s “Reality-Based Community” of Republicans to rise again.    

Bravo to a reality based republican like Bruce Bartlett who understands the damage the ignorance of the tea party has brought to our nation!   For the rest of you, its time to take back your party!    

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