Thursday, September 17, 2015

$27 Billion Dollars, 106,000 Jobs and 1600 Companies

By Jeff Simpson 

That is a conservative estimate, of what the state of Wisconsin will lose if the Joel Kleefisch (R-Cancer) anti-research bill becomes law.

Wisconsin’s bioscience industry includes more than 1,600 companies that provide jobs for nearly 36,000 people and pay a salary well above that of the average employee in the state, a new study shows.
Bioscience workers, on average, make $73,241 — more than $30,000 above the average pay of Wisconsin private-sector employees, according to the 2015 Wisconsin Bioscience Economic Development Report, released Wednesday.
The report, by the Ernst and Young consultant firm, is based on 2013 statistics. It was presented to the Bioscience Summit, a daylong conference for the biotechnology industry on Wednesday at Monona Terrace.
It says in addition to the 36,000 jobs within bioscience statewide, the industry is an indirect factor in nearly 70,000 other jobs in Wisconsin, creating a total economic impact of $27 billion.

Shame on us, if ANYONE who votes "yes" on this bill ever wins another election.



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  2. The crazy caucus is actually standing up for cancer, as you say. Madness.

  3. This bill would outlaw al use of fetal tissue for stem cell research.These pinheaded politicians are pandering to the lowest common denominator. This is how they get their base riled up. They say babies are being murdered and their parts are being sold to evil heartless scientists. Never mind that a fetus is not a baby and those scientists are trying to find cures and treatments for a whole range of horrible debilitating diseases. Just get the no nothing science denying republican base angry and ride the anger in to reelection.

  4. Most of them will be re-elected without opposition.
    Tittl and Jacues for example.