Wednesday, September 9, 2015

“Boy, they made you sound so stupid!”

By Jeff Simpson 

I thought that Scott Walker calling a wall along the Canadian border the dumbest thing I had heard in politics, but the reality is, the fact that Scott Walker now says he never said it, is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in politics!

If you believe he never said, what he actually said on the biggest stage in politics, then maybe you are the problem.

But those efforts come with a risk: He keeps saying things that get him into trouble — like when he was asked late last month whether the United States should build a wall along the 5,525-mile Canadian border, and he respondedby calling it a “legitimate” idea.
By the time Walker’s campaign made clear more than a day later that he did not actually want to construct such a wall — and that the governor was instead raising concerns about security on the northern border — the notion had already been ingrained in people’s minds. As Walker arrived in Plymouth on Sunday evening, a black Jeep sped by and a man shouted: “Build that wall around Canada, Scott! Build that wall! That’s a great idea!”
“It’s terrible what they’re doing to you,” Brenda Cameron of Dover, N.H., told Walker during the Pink Cadillac visit Monday. She blamed fellow conservatives for pinning the crazy idea on him, but he told her it was the media’s fault.
“Boy, they made you sound so stupid,” she said.
Walker nodded along at the ridiculousness of a northern wall and said: “I’ve never said that, nor would I. . . . When they say things like that, you just have to laugh and roll your eyes.”

One other take away from this article:

A reporter from Wisconsin asked Walker whether his lack of clear stances on recent issues is hurting him in the polls as voters opt for Trump’s clarity. The governor — who is typically unflappable on the campaign trail — cut the reporter off.
You would think when the local reporters bend over backwards to make him look good, that he would treat them with some more respect!  


  1. Walker doesn't know how to respect the wishes of the people. When he can no longer use people to his advantage he simply casts then aside.

  2. New campaign buttons needed:
    "Walker: 49°40' or Fight!"

  3. He's proven to me that he can sound stupid without anyone's help