Sunday, September 27, 2015

Scott Didn't Do It

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By Jeff Simpson 

In his failed run for President, or even for his whole career, it is hard to find a story that does not talk about how Scott Walker is a political control freak.  Walker is well known for having very few trusted advisers and running his campaigns basically by himself.

                         Mr. Walker’s hands-on approach to his political operation in                                      Wisconsin bordered on the obsessive, judging from a trove of                                    emails from his time as Milwaukee county executive, and as a                                    candidate for governor, that was released as part of a lawsuit.
He recommended a news leak for a fall weekend in which the Green Bay Packers were idle, to maximize news media coverage. He sent a Saturday morning order to three aides to “divide reactive and proactive communications” operations in his press office. And he advised a talk-radio host to file a public records request to his office for the sole purpose of unearthing the excessive number of public records requests being filed at the time by his opponents.

Mr. Walker’s strategic talents can be an asset. His ability to formulate and convey an effective message helped him win three hard-fought elections for governor in four years, including a 2012 recall election, in an extraordinarily competitive state. And he is doing much the same now: It was Mr. Walker who came up with the best-of-both-worlds formulation he has recently woven into his stump speech — that his hard-charging Senate opponents are “fighters,” and his rival governors who have won difficult elections are “winners,” but he is the rare breed who has done both.

Asked about Mr. Walker’s hands-on approach, a Republican close to him who requested anonymity to discuss the candidate’s political style said: “It’s clear that he’s engaged. He knows what he wants, knows what he believes in and is not being told what to say.”
Actually I found a place where Scott Walker has no control over his campaign, when he gets in trouble or does something stupid.

 The Green Bay Packers contacted Gov. Scott Walkers's presidential campaign, noting one of its fundraising campaign letters violated team policy on use of the team's name in promotional materials, FOX 11 has learned.In a Sept. 10 email, the campaign offered two 50-yard line tickets and transportation to the game in exchange for a donation.
It reads, in part:
"On Monday, September 28 Wisconsin's own Green Bay Packers will be playing the Chiefs at historic Lambeau Field and I want you to be there with me.There is no better place to catch the excitement of a professional football game and no more electric crowd than what you'll encounter at Lambeau Field. Our campaign is going to provide round trip transportation for you and a friend to Wisconsin for the game and give you two tickets on the 50 yard line.Go ahead and chip in $4 or more for you and a friend to be automatically entered for the tickets.I look forward to meeting you at Lambeau, Friend.Scott Walker"

The person who pretty much any embedded political reporter in the country has written almost obsessively micromanages his campaign, uses the Green Bay Packers to fund raise against the Packer's own policies and definitely without permission(think this is not a big deal? ask Dominicks grocery) .  

Did Scott Walker take responsibility for his mistake, own up to it, and apologize?

In a word NO

The team did not authorize this use, and called the campaign informing it of the policy, a team spokesman told FOX 11.
FOX 11's emails to the campaign have not been answered. At an event Friday, Gov. Walker said he "wasn't involved in that process."

How long can Scott Walker keep getting free passes for using the State of Wisconsin for his own personal ambitions and then thowing anything/anyone under the bus that is no longer needed.  

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