Sunday, September 6, 2015

Scott Walker: A Pander Too Far

In Wisconsin, we take our football very seriously. Many of bleed green and gold and live and die by the Green Bay Packers. This is especially true since Scott Walker and his fellow Teapublicans have taken over and have been systematically destroying our once great state. Football is one of the few escapes we have anymore.

Because we take our football so seriously, one would think that the governor of our once great state would also be a big fan of the Packers.

But like everything else, Walker is apparently only a Packer fan when its politically convenient, such as tweaking fun at President Barack Obama (a Bears Fan) or sniping at Governor Chris Christie.

On Saturday, Walker was pandering to Cowboys fans while campaigning in Texas:
Presidential contender Scott Walker admits that his Green Bay Packers got lucky in last season’s playoff thriller against The Dallas Cowboys.

During a segment for Sunday’s Lone Star Politics, I got the Wisconsin governor to concede that Dez Bryant’s spectacular grab that would have put the Cowboys in position to win the playoff game was indeed a catch. Walker even said the league’s “goofy” rule that nullified the catch helped the Packers advance to the NFC Championship game.

“Tony Romo is a friend of mine because he grew up in Wisconsin,” Walker said with a smile. “I told him that was a helluva throw. It’s probably a goofy rule, but for us as Packer fans we like the fact that it’s a rule. But that was a helluva catch and a helluva throw.”
Well, isn't that special?

Of course, that is nothing compared to the pandering that Walker did for the fans of the Chicago Bears - the Packers' arch rival for nearly 100 years:

That's nearly as offensive to a Packers fan as when Brett Favre signed up with the Minnesota Vikings!

The gentle reader should keep in mind that while this post was written somewhat sardonically, the fact that Walker is indeed a feckless weasel and will only stand with a group or for a principle as long as it's politically convenient and advantageous to do so. Just look at how many times he has flip flopped on things like immigration and abortion.


  1. Yup......he's for it if it benefits him.....otherwise he cares not if it benefits the people of Wisconsin. Has he ever met Tony Romo .....probably not ....just another lie!

  2. He reminds me of Romney. He changes his allegiances to match the audience he's in front of. I'm afraid that when he returns after his failed run for POTUS, he will take out his his anger ( even more severely than before) at losing on the Wisconsin public education system, the Universities and the state, the capital and municipal employees.