Saturday, September 5, 2015

Scotty Gets Caught Pandering

by Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker is friends with Tony Romo(because he is from Wisconsin) and is letting everyone in Texas know that Dez Bryant made that catch.
“Tony Romo is a friend of mine because he grew up in Wisconsin,” Walker said with a smile. “I told him that was a helluva throw. It’s probably a goofy rule, but for us as Packer fans we like the fact that it’s a rule. But that was a helluva catch and a helluva throw.”
Walker was in Dallas Wednesday for a meet and greet at the Highland Park Soda Fountain. He ate ice cream and mixed with potential voters. He said he would make additional trips to Texas in advance of the March 1 GOP presidential primaries.
Forget the fact that he is pandering so badly, who is running his campaign that allows him to get photographed like this??


  1. I would think by now we wouldnt even notice anymore.

  2. Walker also had his picture taken with a couple of fans of the Chicago Bears: I'm getting the feeling that Walker isn't a 100% Packers least I'm honest about being a 100% Patriots fan!