Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wisconsin DNR Gets Punk'd

A bogus letter, made to look like it came from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, has been making the rounds. The letter tells citizens to hide their concrete deer lawn ornaments so as not to confuse surveyors doing an aerial count of the deer herds:

Most people would probably get a chuckle out of it and move on.

But not in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker's administration is so screwed up and incompetent that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel felt compelled to make sure that it was indeed a joke:
You can keep your ornamental deer in the yard.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says someone is using an official-looking letterhead advising the public to remove concrete deer from their property by Nov. 1.

Otherwise, the reader is told, the DNR might count them as part of a deer census.

The DNR's deer population estimates have been controversial for years, although the agency continues to count deer, including with aerial surveys.

"Obviously, it's a hoax," said Jim Dick, spokesman for the DNR. "We're not asking people to remove their concrete deer ornaments."

The purported memo is dated Aug. 3, but the DNR became aware of it on Monday as it spread over social media, including Facebook and Twitter.
Obviously, the letter isn't the only joke in Wisconsin.

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