Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why Scott Walker Is Not Fit To Govern - In One Sentence!

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker, in his never ending quest to associate himself as Ronald Reagan, gave a speech at Reagan's alma mater(he actually graduated) Eureka College in Illinois.  He delivered a speech where he once again made himself out to be the hero in his fantasy world, but he delivered a line that no reporter seemed to pick up on:

Somewhere around the 7;00 minute mark he delivers this line:

"When they went after a Supreme Court Justice, in what otherwise would have been an inconsequential election, we didn't back down." Scott Walker 

 How are you fit to be the President of the United States, the most powerful position in the world and head of the Democratic Republic that we call home, and think that an election for a Justice (one of 7) of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court is "inconsequential"?  

A quick refresher and we see in this "inconsequential" race, approximately $3.5 million dollars was spent, about 1.5 million Wisconsinites voted, and David  "Ike Turner" Prosser won by approximately 7300 votes.

That is inconsequential in Scott Walker's world?

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FYI to the Walker campaign:

  1. not important or significant.
    "they talked about inconsequential things"
    synonyms:insignificantunimportant, of little/no consequence, neither here nor there,incidentalinessentialnonessentialimmaterialirrelevant


  1. How did Prosser vote when it came to the John Doe II case. He voter with Walker. Inconsequential my ass!

  2. They "didn't back down", all right -- the preliminary election results favored David Prosser's opponent, JoAnne Kloppenburg, by just 204 votes, but the very next day Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus (who had worked for Prosser in the illegal GOP caucus and testified under immunity in that case) announced that she had found 14,000 missing votes on her personal computer, handing Prosser the statewide victory by only 7,000 votes after other counties' re-canvassing was completed. Blatant....

  3. If you read the bilge at Wisconsin Watchdog (formerly Wisconsin Reporter) the line is always that the criminals are actually victims. e.g. The latest one is that these same judges were "targeted" in JD II.
    Yeah thats what usually happens when investigators find evidence of collusion and such.
    What this shows is that they are all reading from the same play book.