Friday, September 11, 2015

Clinton Calls Walker "A Tool Of The Koch Brothers"

Hillary Clinton did a campaign stop in Milwaukee on Thursday night. During her speech, she said what many of us already knew - Walker is a tool for the Koch Boyz:
Making her 2015 debut in Scott Walker’s home state of Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton on Thursday unleashed her harshest and most extended diatribe yet against a Republican rival not named Donald Trump, accusing the governor of being a tool of the billionaire Koch brothers.

“It seems to me, just observing him, that Governor Walker thinks because he busts unions, starves universities, guts public education, demeans women, scapegoats teachers, nurses, and firefighters, he is some kind of tough guy on a motorcycle, a real leader,” Clinton said to a packed audience at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “Well, that is not leadership folks. Leadership means fighting for the people you represent."

While Clinton frequently criticizes her Republican opponents on the campaign trail, her barbs are rarely so extended or pointed. She also mentioned Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul on Thursday evening — but Walker faced the brunt of her fire.

“It looks like he just gets his marching orders from the Koch brothers and just goes down the list,” she added.
You gotta give Clinton credit, when she's right, she's right.

Interestingly, the local corporate media giant, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, failed to mention the line about the Kochs. But they did provide Walker's mewling response to Clinton, which shows that Walker has no limits to his hypocrisy:
Walker fired back at Clinton with a statement touting his record in Wisconsin and accusing her of fighting for the "ruling class."

"Hillary Clinton could learn a few lessons from the bold reforms we've enacted in Wisconsin since I took office," he said. "To move our country forward like we moved Wisconsin forward, we need a fresh face from outside Washington, D.C., to wreak havoc on the status quo and put hardworking American taxpayers back in charge. Hillary Clinton, who has been fighting for the ruling class over the working class for years, is not fit to take up that mantle."
If Walker thinks that creating the biggest drop in median income and in the middle class while lagging woefully behind the rest of the nation in job creation is fighting for the working class, it tells me that his mind is like concrete - all mixed up and firmly set.


  1. Good for her. I've been waiting for one of the candidates to say that.

  2. Even better was Walker's absurd tweet that tried to slam Clinton for taking taxpayer-funded trips by air. From the same guy who wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on....plane trips throughout the state, including numerous ones between a Madison and Milwaukee just to go to his house at night.

    It's like Silly Scott doesn't understand this thing called the "Google"