Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jim Bender: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

By Jeff Simpson

Milwaukee Voucher School Daughters of the Father Christian Academy, has already closed their doors this year, leaving about 150 students stranded.  

Being a "Christian"School, you would think they would have owned up to closingt the doors so that DPI could help the kids find a new school, etc...  Unfortunately no, it took a tip from someone phoned into Fox6.

When the School Choice movement in Wisconsin is run by Scott Jensen, you do not expect honesty but the Founder of this school, Bishop Doris Pinkney takes the cake:

On Friday, FOX6 News got a tip call from someone who works closely with the school. The caller said the school was closed, and that students had been sent to another choice school, Travis Academy.
Bishop Doris Pinkney
Bishop Doris Pinkney
That's where we found Bishop Doris Pinkney, the founder of Daughters of the Father Christian Academy. She insisted her school was still open and kids were in the classroom on Friday, even though doors were locked and nobody came to the door.

With flat out lies like that, Bishop Doris, is angling for a spot on the American Federation For Choice campaign team in 2016.  

It is no big deal though, because all that Scott Walker and the Republicans sent her in Wisconsin taxpayer dollars was $5.4 MILLION!   What's a few million dollars between friends, of course when Robin Vos and his crew start sending more and more of our public education money to schools like this there will be less for your children, but that is just a minor detail.   Besides Robin Vos does not have kids anyway!  

The question I have is where is Scott Walker, Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald at times like this?  DO they not care that they just threw $5,400,000 of our taxpayer dollars down the drain?

Finally, where is Jim Bender on this? Why does he never seem to comment when these stories keep hitting the news over and over and over?  Isn't it about the children?  

If you see this man, notify the authorities immediately, he appears to be missing.  Approach with care, but he appears to only be dangerous to our children's future.  

Or else tweet them and ask them for our children's $5.4 Million dollars back! 


  1. The school opened in 2007 when Doyle was in office

    They receive $1 million not $5.4 million of taxpayers dollars

  2. State officials ruled that the school, which had received about $5.4 million in public money since the 2007-'08 academic year, had failed to comply with statutory and administrative rules governing participation. According to the DPI's filing, the academy failed to properly appoint a qualified administrator to run the school after a previous leader resigned.

  3. But, but, we got our tax dollars' worth, didn't we?

    I mean, surely for this the Bishop will remember us in her prayers!

  4. Why are you making excuses for failure, J.T. Hawke? Aren't you mad about government waste? At least, that's the argument we keep hearing from your side....