Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Walker Implosion

By Jeff Simpson

We know that Walker cancelled from being the keynote speaker at the California convention to spend time in Iowa.   Cancelling so late in the game, really left the California GOP in a lurch(they had to resort to getting crazy John Bolton) but we know from past history, that the only thing Scott Walker cares about is Scott Walker.

However, the California Republicans do not necessarily feel the same:

“Nothing says your campaign is in a downward spiral like when you skip literally hundreds of activists across the state who have bought tickets to see you speak,” said Jon Fleischman, a former executive director and former vice chair of the California Republican Party.
“Generally, people are understanding,” Fleischman added wryly, “that the guy’s campaign is imploding.”
We really have seen the end of Scott Walker's viability as a Presidential candidate, right now he is just milking our tax dollars, while he vacations around the country!

Let's hope when Scott Walker finally throws in the towel, his campaign manager Rick Wiley hitches up with another Republican quickly.

Image result for rick wiley   wi gop

He has a few more crash and burns in him the way he helped bring down Scott Walker!

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