Friday, September 11, 2015

Walker Blames Political Attacks For Slumping Approval Rating

Late in August, a poll done by Marquette University showed that Scott Walker's approval rating in Wisconsin had dropped to 39 percent. When asked about this, Walker resorted to giving a false choice on why his numbers are sinking:
Gov. Scott Walker says his dipping approval rating among Wisconsinites isn’t connected to his increasing absence from the state during his GOP presidential bid.

The latest Marquette University Law School poll shows that Walker’s job approval rating has dropped to 39 percent. But he doesn’t think that has anything to do with his time away from the state as he seeks the Republican presidential nomination.

"I think the biggest impact are just the attacks you see throughout the budget process," Walker said Wednesday.

He said once people see past political attacks on him, he’ll regain ground.

"I think a lot of it is some of the hype out of Madison and once people see the results as opposed to the political rhetoric, just as they have in the past, our numbers will continue to rise," Walker added.
What Walker failed to consider - and the media allowed him to avoid - is that the drop in his approval rating has nothing to do with either his presidential campaign or political attacks.

It could be that he is just doing such a shitty job that people are starting to wake up to just how bad things have gotten in Wisconsin.


  1. Those "political attacks" are better known as "facts" and "follow-up questions" in the real world.

    Understandably, Walker's not used to being confronted by these things, either by the paid-off Wisconsin media, or by the meek, Tate-era DPW

  2. He should know. Maybe he can accuse the others of plagiarizing his campaign style?