Saturday, September 12, 2015

Deanna Alexander Politicizes 9/11

Just when you think that Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander can't get any sleazier, she goes ahead and proves us wrong.

Instead of commemorating the 14th anniversary of 9/11 like most people, remember the innocent victims of the worst terrorist attack on United States soil and the brave first responders who gave their all racing to help those victims, Alexander decided to politicize the day with this Facebook post:

Yes, Alexander decided to spend the day focusing on Benghazi.

I'm sure it's not a mere coincidence that she chose this, given that the day before, Hillary Clinton was in Milwaukee for a campaign stop.  The gentle reader will remember that Alexander had tried to start a movement of referring to Clinton as "Ovary."

Now, I realize that the Republicans don't mind having people like Alexander as their representatives, but I would argue that if Alexander finds it more important to troll other politicians than doing her job, it's all the more reason to support Martha De La Rosa for the 18th District.


  1. It is nice that she doesn't want to turn her back on American public servants who serve over seas.

    Too bad that she willfully turns her back on public servants in Milewaukee County.

  2. I personally think 9/11 is the perfect day to discuss politics. It was really bad and incompetent politicians which left us vulnerable to such a huge attack and over 3000 people paid the price.

    However to use 9/11 to talk about the long debunked over and over and over again Benghazi investigations is just plain stupid