Saturday, September 19, 2015

Abele Endangers Safety For A Photo Op

For the past three years, Milwaukee County Emperor Abele has been pulling this stunt that he calls the "Annual House of Correction Employee Appreciation BBQ."  Abele would make a guest appearance to make it seem like he actually cared about and appreciated his employees.  From his Facebook page:
Had a enjoyable time at the the 3rd Annual House of Correction Employee Appreciation BBQ today! Thank you to all the leadership and staff of the Milwaukee County House of Correction for the work you do daily.
This year's event was a little different, however.

Because of the fact that the employees can see right through his bullshit, not many people would show up for Abele's little shindig.  But because he is up for reelection in the spring and could be facing a formidable and popular opponent in State Senator Chris Larson, Abele wanted to make it seem like a bigger deal than it was.

So when it came time for the event, he made it mandatory that every correction officer that was not stationed in a dorm to come to his show of appreciation.  That meant every visiting officer, the health clinic officer, the break officers, the mental health officer, everyone not in a dorm was at this thing, pretending to be happy employees.

It also meant that inmates were missing professional visits (with their lawyers), inmates were not seeing the nurse or the doctor or the psychiatrist.  Officers were alone in the dorms with no back up and no potty breaks (just like the bus drivers!).

To restate it, Abele endangered the safety of the correction officers and the inmates and delayed the legal rights of the inmates, just so he could have a little photo op to pretend that the workers love him.

Sounds like something Walker would have done.

If Abele really appreciated the employees, he might want to compensate them appropriately.  A senior correction officer at the House of Correction, at the top of the pay scale, could leave today and start with Waukesha County tomorrow, doing the exact same job, at the bottom of their pay scale and still get a 89 cent an hour raise.

Oh sure, Abele has this scheme that he is trying to ram through that would lift the pay for the newest officers by a whole $1.05, which is still nowhere enough to be comparable to other counties.  And at the same time, Abele would cut short the more senior employees, bringing their pay even more out of whack than it already is.

Abele simply has got to go before more people get hurt.


  1. Chris Larson wouldn't be much better than Chris Abele if elected Milwaukee County Executive. After all, the unions that sold out to Scott Walker and Chris Abele by supporting the Bucks arena giveaway are looking to back Larson, because he went along with their corporate welfare scheme.

    If you want real change in Milwaukee County, you don't vote for Chris, you vote for Joseph...Joseph Klein, that is.

  2. Oh, Cappers soooo worried about the inmates. I don't recall you being concerned when Union stewards were away at taxpayers expense to deal with aggrievances?