Sunday, September 13, 2015

Scott Walker - Iowa Everyman

By Jeff Simpson 

In the history of Presidential primaries, has there ever been anyone so desperate to win Iowa's Caucus?   Scott Walker, who used to be Governor of Wisconsin, has all but moved to Iowa.  Walker was supposed to be keynote speaker of the California GOP convention(55 electoral votes and deep pocket donors) and cancelled, to spend even more time in IA(6 electoral votes).

Don't worry California, he will be back(and telling you how much he loves you), when he can use you.   If you are of no use to him he has no reason to be there.

To be fair(and we are nothing if not fair here), Walker could have cancelled because he has "no idea where Cali is".

Now the walker campaign, which his billionaire donor promised me, would win in the end:

  Sep 7 our guy will be there in the end just watch. And Rick is going to help him win.

Has decided that its best to spend all of your time in Iowa to win a Caucus!  Brilliant strategy.

Now that we know the strategy, we see Scott Walker do the one thing he has an actual talent for - pandering.  

Here he is "thoroughly enjoying" a day spent with the plebe's of Iowa during the Iowa-Iowa State football game:

Here is Scott Walker telling the crowd that he loves Iowa and Iowa State equally, and with all of his heart and he wishes his children had attended there:

Scott Walker loves Iowa so much, he even went to an Iowa High School Football game.  That Scott Walker just loves spending time with Iowans(in the food line):

Intense moment of the game for these two very serious Iowa High School Football fans:

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And here he is helping the youth of Iowa understand his first day plan and how he plans on ending their healthcare, but giving them a high five because they are too young for him to send to war in Iran:

Iowa voter explaining to the crowd what her pre-existing condition(Ps it is not hat head) is that will bankrupt and kill her when Scott Walker eliminates Obamacare on day one.  

Here is Scott Walker explaining to a farmer that this barren land looks like what he left in Wisconsin of our educational system, and he is hoping for a chance to do the same all over the country.  Scott is also explaining to the farmer that if he is currently growing corn he loves him some ethanol, and if he is not he can not stand the stuff!  

Finally, here he is talking a sitting room only crowd of 35. It was nice that the local chapter of retired Caucasians, gave him a few minutes of their meeting time.  

I am starting to pity his pathetic pandering.  Its not very becoming of a human being, much less a Presidential candidate!


  1. why is he afraid to go out in public in his own state?

  2. Umm yes He hides from the public because he is a menace to them

  3. A- Men good comments Like he took on all the protesters then why did he not face them instead escaped thru tunnels is there a bigger loser?