Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Abele Takes Credit For Pay Raise He Twice Rejected

Word came out about how Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele's proposed 2016 budget would affect county workers.

As expected, workers are taking yet another hit with reduced benefits and higher pension contributions.

But the real kicker is when Abele proudly announced that his proposed budget will include a 2.5% increase in wages for county workers over his 2015 budget.

However, a majority of that raise Abele is "giving" to workers is the 1.5% COLA raise that AFSCME had won for the workers earlier this year.  This is the same increase that Abele had vetoed and then refused to give when his veto was overridden by the Milwaukee County Board.  Abele only allowed the increase to go through when Corp Counsel told him that he had to do it.

It should also be pointed out that that 1.5% increase is really part of this year's budget, even though Abele doesn't want to admit to it.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. You are doing a service to the people of Wisconsin.