Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Abele Plays Budget Games. Again.

It is common knowledge that Chris Abele finds it difficult to do his job, much less do it well.  This is especially true when it comes to the county budget.  Almost every year, Abele presents his budget a week late and in desperate need of repairs, not only for his misplaced priorities but for the simple math errors that a professional would have caught.

Unfortunately, this year proved to be no different.  Well, actually, even worse than normal for Abele.

Once again, Abele claimed he would not have his budget ready in a timely fashion.  Maybe he was too busy giving away county assets to his fellow plutocrats.  Maybe he was too busy plotting his takeover of the Milwaukee Public Schools.  Maybe he was too busy setting up his gubernatorial campaign.

One thing he wasn't busy doing was bargaining in good faith with the transit drivers union.

But there's more.  There's always more.

It appears that the boy prince is morphing more and more into his mentor, Scott Walker, by adding all sorts of unethical stunts to the budget process, as outlined by this open letter by Milwaukee County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb:

So not only is Abele again presenting the budget a week late and several million dollars short, he is actually presenting it first - before the public gets to see it - in a private, invitation only affair, which just happens to be in the same building that houses his privately owned companies. And on top of that, he is going to have campaign staff there?!

 Methinks Abele is trying to go for the world's record for the most ethical lapses at once!

Lipscomb is correct that it does show just how much disdain Abele has for the citizens of Milwaukee County.

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  1. Funny cuz anyone could come..all you had to do was RSVP to an email!
    But anyway..his budget speech was awesome and I couldn't be more proud to be an Abele minion then today!