Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Waukesha Reaps What It Sows

By Jeff Simpson 

Waukesha is known for three things, men raping couches, really bad water and voting solidly red.

The land that has given us the likes of Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, Paul Farrow and sent Wild Bill Kramer(who would still be in office if he was not in prison) to Madison, over and over and over, are now starting to face the consequences of their actions.

The free market, anti Government haven is now begging for the Government to step in and let them ruin Lake Michigan the way they have mismanaged their own water.   Getting bailed out by the State of WI and harming Lake Michigan, sure beats those nasty regulations, and having to responsibly govern.

Now Waukesha is taking another hit, this one courtesy of their favorite son Paul Ryan.

Blaming Congress for its failure to reauthorize the U.S. Export-Import Bank, an institution that finances sales of U.S. industrial equipment to overseas customers, General Electric Co. says it will stop manufacturing engines in Waukesha and move that work to Canada.
About 350 jobs will be lost at the Waukesha plant, where GE Power & Water, a division of Fairfield, Conn.-based GE, builds engines used in the petroleum industry.
The company says it will move the production to a new $265 million engine factory to be built in Canada during the next 20 months.
The Waukesha workers amount to collateral damage in what has become a highly politicized fight.
GE and other companies have pleaded with Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which provides loans, credit guarantees and insurance to aid sales by U.S. companies to customers abroad. But many Republicans say the bank amounts to corporate welfare, benefiting large corporations that don't need government assistance.
The bank's charter expired June 30 when Republican members of the House blocked a reauthorization vote.

Yes the Republican leaders in the House(IE Paul Ryan) blocked a reauthorization vote.  Insteado f having the vote and seeing where the rest of Congress fell along this issue(you know democracy), they actually blocked a vote of reauthorization(not democracy).

GE then took their ball and went to Canada, costing WI and Waukesha 350 family sustaining jobs and a solid piece of tax base.   All gone in an instant.   For the economically challenged Republicans in WI(of which there are many) there is so much more:

GE says the Waukesha plant has more than 400 U.S. suppliers and, in Wisconsin alone, suppliers receive millions of dollars in revenue from the plant.
"We know these announcements will have regrettable impact not only on our employees but on the hundreds of U.S. suppliers we work with that cannot move their facilities, but we cannot walk away from our customers," Rice said.
Let's check the scorecard, 350 jobs lost (minimum), millions of dollars to surrounding businesses and huge tax base for the county.  Gone.

$174,000/yr + Cadillac Benefits and sweet pensioned Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.), remains unbowed by the devastation he is helping create in his home district:

Opponents of the Ex-Im Bank include some of the nation's highest-profile lawmakers, among them U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican from Janesville.
Ryan has said he opposes the bank in principle, calling it a "strange collusion of big business and big government."
"Congressman Ryan remains opposed to the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. He feels there are better ways Congress can promote economic growth. Rather than continue with corporate welfare, we should be focused on fixing our tax code and reducing burdensome regulations, which are long-term solutions to our economic woes," Ryan's office said in a statement.

Probably the worst part of this, the US Senate actually passed a bill reauthorizing the bank,  But the House felt it more important to go on vacation.
At the end of July, the U.S. Senate passed legislation reauthorizing the bank, as part of a long-term transportation bill. However, the House adjourned for the August recess without reauthorizing the bank and hasn't taken action on the issue since.

Paul Ryan is excited, now that so many of his good friends in Waukesha will no longer be working, they have more time to join him and his wife at the beach.

You can even grab your Paul Ryan political robot beach towel to sit with him:

In case you are wondering, the failed presidential candidate and former "open for business" guy, Scott Walker also opposed the reauthorization of the bank:

This time around, Republican opponents of the bank have a lot more friends — as in, nearly every GOP 2016 presidential candidate.

These new opponents join with what The Washington Post's Matea Gold and Tom Hamburger describe as a fierce lobbying campaign by tea party-aligned groups such as Heritage Action and the Club for Growth and mega-GOP donors Charles and David Koch to get rid of the bank.

This camp includes three of the four senators running for president, as well as most governors in the race: Bush, Wisconsin's Scott Walker, Louisiana's Bobby Jindal and former Texas governor Rick Perry.
Why would they oppose it?  Their boss told them to:

Even more surprising than the rare event of a government program being wound down was the force behind the shutdown: the billionaire Koch brothers. Their network of groups turned what was once routine reauthorization of a lesser-known financing entity into a litmus test for conservatives — and they scored a major victory.
The ability to make the bank a Capitol Hill priority and even a presidential campaign issue highlights the growing power of the Koch network within the GOP. It also spotlights some of the internal divisions complicating the Republican effort to recapture the White House in 2016.

While I feel bad that these 350 fellow Wisconsinites will no longer be employed at a company they have worked for generations, I highly recommend that the good folks in Waukesha do what they do best!

NO, get away from that sofa!

I was referring to, grab a Waukesha Freeman, run a bath and think of ways that you can blame Obama and see how you can bring other Wisconsinites down with you!

PS:  Don't forget to pull the Paul Ryan Shower curtain or you will have a bigger water mess than you do now!

Romney Ryan Shower Curtain

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