Monday, September 28, 2015

Republican Values On Display

By Jeff Simpson

Don Trump is the crazy one they say.  Both sides are just as bad they say.  There is no difference if you elect a Democrat or a Republican they say.....

Then Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican "ValueVoters" Summit.

Ted Cruz after this speech, won the straw poll at this poorly named event.  As we see, while Cruz preaches the Constitution, he specifically tells us how he will break it(starting around the 6:30 mark):

Ted Cruz has screamed about Obama being a tyrant and a dictator who was “lawless” and didn’t obey the Constitution, but these things Ted said were blatantly unconstitutional, probably illegal, and definitely ‘tyrannical’.

If anyone thinks that the country could survive a Presidential term of any of the crazies running for President on the Republican side, then heaven help us.   The Canadian Cowboy is example #1 that American exceptional-ism no longer exists.  

Take the ten minutes to vote in EVERY election.  Please our kids are counting on it!  

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