Friday, May 14, 2010

The Deforestation of Grant Park

UPDATE: Well, apparently we were given some inaccurate information. It appears the park in question is not Grant Park, but is Warimont Park, as many commenters pointed out. I don't know if we will ever have a clearly definitive answer on the amount of cutting as that is rather subjective, but the Parks Department is apparently insisting that they will not be doing excessive cutting.

I apologize for the undue alarm and misinformation.

Scott Walker is at it again. He doesn't have enough money to pay for the parks workers who cut the grass, but he has enough to pay a private company to pull out five and a half acres of trees in Grant Park.

How is this being a responsible steward of our precious resources?


  1. Arr they going to pull them out, or cut them down? Is this thinning or clear cutting? I hope they let county residents use the wood.

  2. From what I understand, it is clear cutting.

  3. So what if they hire a private contractor. If they pkay their hand right, they probably could get the cutting done for free by the papermakers in the Fox Valley or central WI.
    I am familar with Grant Park so I guess my question is why they don't do the dog park in a non-forrested area? Also, 5 acres seems kind of small.
    Also, from the commentators on the Milwaukee First web site, do you have a better choice of parks for the dog park.
    Fact is, dog parks are one of the best uses of park land. They draw a lot more people to the parks than most park activities and it is extremely low maintaince. You might have 1 guy work at the park for 1 hour a day to empty garbage cans and make sure everything is ok.

  4. There is more maintenance than that, plus their is great shortage of parks workers due to our fearless leader. As for the best use, I think that is questionable at best.

    As for other ideas, there already is one dog park on that side of town. I would have to look at one of the park maps, but I can guarantee that there are better choices than cutting down a woods.