Thursday, May 13, 2010

Most Hypocritical Statement OF ALL TIME!

Walker said Barrett's criticism was playing politics with the issue and putting patients' safety at risk. - Scott Walker, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

And if that wasn't enough, from the same article (emphasis mine):
"Any and all violence is unacceptable, which is why we are conducting a thorough review," Walker said in an e-mail reply. "It is clear the mayor is not familiar with the facts or he would know that every public psychiatric hospital in our state - including those run by Gov. Doyle - have mixed-gender units."
Apparently, Walker has a major identity problem going on (again, emphasis, me):
The audit was ordered by County Board Chairman Lee Holloway after reports of multiple patient sexual assaults at the county's psychiatric hospital in Wauwatosa, according to a letter dated Friday.
The other problem is Walker fails to admit that every other public psychiatric hospital is also adequately funded and staffed, where Milwaukee County's is not, thanks to Walker putting his politics before the people.

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