Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wall Sees The Writing On The Wall

I have received word that Terrence Wall has seen the writing on the wall and will be formally announcing that he is dropping out of the race to see who will have the honor of losing to Senator Russ Feingold in November.

At the time of this writing, I do not know what made Wall decide to drop out.

Perhaps he realized that he doesn't have the GOP Machine's support after getting his clock cleaned at last weekend's Republicanfest. (Johnson has said he is willing to drop several millions of his own dollars into the race, which was probably music to the ears of the cash-strapped Republicans.)

Perhaps he realized that if he was going to cost him a lot of pumpkins to run against Ron Johnson.

Perhaps he saw the footage of Ron Johnson's thuggery and felt intimidated.

Whatever the reason, when Wall hits the wall, that will leave just old man Johnson trying to buy his way to Washington or Dave "Orange T-Shirt" Westlake.

In other words, a rich mad hatter or a poor Republican, going up against Team Feingold.

My money is on Feingold.


  1. Not to be too overconfident, but it appears Russ could once again work his campaign tai chi on this guy.

  2. Thanks, Zach. From one of the biggies like you, it means a lot.

  3. And yet you've spilled how much digital ink over the anti-incumbent sentiment?

  4. Mr. Pelican Pants beat ya’ to it by more than two hours:

    Under the B & S post: Isn’t This How We Got Obama?

    13.Well, this just in: looks like T. Wall is throwing in the towel, so maybe the blaze orange brigade has a chance!


    Posted by Mr. Pelican Pants on May 26, 2010 at 1720 hrs

  5. Hey Capper,

    Did you catch this latest poll.

  6. I did predict he'd get a small bump. The question is: Did you read the whole report, or just Sykes' spin?

  7. Hey "arod," did you see Nate Silver from 538 rip apart the Rasmussen poll you reference?

    You should check it out:

  8. "Sykes spin" is less accurate than your spin?

  9. Charlie "Lies Woodhouse" Sykes has lied to his own family. What makes you think he wouldn't lie to you?

  10. Never said he would not lie did I? Red herrings are what you always try when you cant support anything. Again, how is his spin any less accurate than yours?

  11. Mere semantics again. That is the sign that you have lost this argument as well. Thanks for playing.

  12. How is his spin any less accurate than yours?