Monday, May 24, 2010

You can take the crony out of the campaign, but you can't take the campaign out of the crony*

From Milwaukee NewsBuzz:

Democrats followed Walker to such Wisconsin landmarks as the Hodag statue (which depicts a mythical monster) in Rhinelander, where Graeme Zielinski, Democratic party spokesman, says Tim Russell, Walker’s housing administrator, was caught on tape being shooed away by a local chamber of commerce official.

Zielinski says the woman objected because the Walker visit was overly political. She’s seen talking to Russell in the video with a firm tone, but it’s difficult to hear what she’s saying. As a worker is packing up a sign, she says to Russell, “I appreciate you understanding.”

A local newspaper reporter is heard chatting on the video. “He’s been doing this for years. I’ve never covered it in the past because it was just promoting Milwaukee County,” he says and explains he’s covering the visit this year because Walker’s running for governor. (see video below)

I contacted another person I know, who happens to be part of the media up north and was told basically the same thing. Their media outlet never covered these trips, but was hoping to see him this time to confront him on the criticism he has been receiving.

So if all the reporters knew it was a thinly-veiled political campaign, why are they not reporting on it?

*Said crony is of course Tim Russel who has been in each of Walker's campaigns. When he is not campaigning, Walker finds him some well paying county job that he proceeds to screw up royally.

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