Monday, May 3, 2010

Paul Ryan Hedges His Bets In Governor's Race

From WAOW-TV in Wausau, we learn that Paul Ryan was co-hosting a fund raiser, along with Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn (insert your own joke here), in Washington, D.C. for Mark Neumann.

The story goes on to say that Ryan will also host a fund raiser for Scott Walker.

But Ryan won't endorse either of them.

Two hours later, WAOW-TV reported that the fund raisers are on the very same day, with Neumann getting the leftovers.

To make things already funnier, Ryan is dogging out both Republican gubernatorial wannabes, and won't be attending either event that he is hosting. Probably for an appointment with his hair stylist, no doubt.

He also re-emphasizes he is not endorsing either one.

How the heck can the Republicans be calling Ryan a rising star and the future of the party when he won't even stick his neck out and support someone to lose to Tom Barrett?

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  1. I think what happened is the walkerforgovernorrjjohnsonscottforgovcomwisconsinclubforgrowth machine found out that Ryan was going to host a fundraiser for Neumann and all hell broke loss. So, a protest phone call went over to Congressman Ryan's office from walkerforgovernorrjjohnsonscottforgovcomwisconsinclubforgrowth and Ryan got frustrated to the point of cancelling both events.