Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Team Walker: MIA

The semi-mysterious pseudo-Team Walker appears to be missing in action. Their last post was on May 14, the day that the story of Darlene Wink, the Walker aide that was caught commenting on county time, was published.

The new, equally enigmatic Political Macchiato has more on this issue:
Then there was this post in the comments section after the article.
jonaswilkerson - May 14, 2010 9:55 AM
Well, now I wonder if Darlene Wink was posting as Mom4scott on Scottforgov.com? I've heard that a Republican staffer in the State Assembly is also blogging for Scottforgov.com. It will be interesting once that comes out.
Interesting. Certainly, we already know that at least one Scott Walker confidant was involved in blogging at Scottforgov.com.

Perhaps Friday's story is why Scottforgov.com is on hiatus. I think the worst kept secret in political circles is that the rabid attacks against Mark Neumann and Tom Barrett on Scottforgov.com are coming directly from agents of the Walker campaign.

This is going to be an embarassing story.


  1. LOL. When the truth comes it, I think you will be surprised.

  2. Okay, AROD. Why don't you just tell us the truth right now. I mean, you've said you know how the bloggers are. If it's not that big of a deal, tell us now.

  3. Because it's not up to me to disclose it. And I don't know who all of the bloggers are, I just know who some of them are.

  4. So, if you don't know who all of them are, how do you know they aren't part of Walker's staff and/or part of his campaign?

    Sounds like someone has been caught in a bit of a fib...

  5. AROD, it is clear you have absolutely no authority on the matter. Plus, I seem to recall you were pretty confused over the name John Schulze when it was revealed that he was at one time blogging for Scottforgov.com. To Capper's point, there's no way you know for sure that Walker's staff (campaign or official) is not involved in the scottforgov.com blog. The fact that they are MIA now is suspicious to everyone.

  6. Capper,

    Believe what you will. I know enough of them well enough to know the others aren't campaign staffers - if you get my drift.


    Concerning the John Schultze thing, he was done posting by the time I became acquainted with the crew. That's why I was unfamiliar with him.

  7. AROD, since you know the goings on over at Team Walker, maybe you can tell us why Scottforgov.com has disabled comments now. I believe any comments left on the website in the past are gone too.

  8. Let me get this straight. You said you know they're not affiliated with Walker. Then you say you don't know them. Now you're saying you don't know them, but you know them? Who do you think you are, Walker?

    I also note that you specified campaign staffers. You did not mention administrative staff. Could it be Wink et al?

    And your Schultze/Schulze excuse is ultra lame. You went off without reading the article that I had cited. IOW, you pulled a Walker again.