Friday, May 28, 2010

Furlo-ugh Day 8: With A Correction

Today is the second mandatory furlough day set by Scott Walker, and the eighth day of his arbitrarily making me donate to his campaign.

The City of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin are also on mandatory furlough days today as well, so if you had any plans of getting business done with any of the governmental bodies, you may as well forget it.

However, I do have a correction to make. I had previously noted that Milwaukee County is losing $600 per day for every day that I am on a furlough. I regret to say that number is inaccurate.

The amount of money that Milwaukee County bills for each hour of my service was not what I thought it was. The actual rate of billing is $17 per hour higher. That means for every day Walker has me on furlough is not $600. It really is more than $700. That means after today, the county will be out $5600 on just me alone.

But no, I am not really angry, since his refusal to fill empty positions has allowed almost anyone who wants it to get overtime. So I am not losing any real money this time around, although Walker is really screwing over the tax payers.

Enjoy your day. The weather is supposed to be beautiful.


  1. The furlough days are really costing mental health. Every time a nurses aide takes off, someone must work at time and a half in their place. Since there's so much overtime available, they work a lot of overtime the week before their furlough week, so their paychecks are actually bigger than they were before. Since aides can't work overtime during their furlough week, there's not enough people available so they have been mandating people to stay another shift, which can impact safety as well as the filing of grievances. Other departments have been working tons of overtime as well. For positions that don't allow overtime, the work just doesn't get done, which impacts the care of the patients.

  2. After reviewing the "Friends of Scott Walker" campaign finance report in July, if your furlough days are not in the finance report as an "in-kind" contribution, I would immediately make the Government Accountability Board aware of the ommission. If every county worker did that, this might generate some interesting headlines.

  3. Or it is more lousy math skills...

  4. Furloughs for state employes paid by federal funds are an especially ridiculous way to address a state budget deficit. this includes all workers in the unemployment insurance, division, at a time of record backlogs,waits to talk to someone on the phone, and waits to have your hearing scheduled.