Thursday, May 20, 2010

Neumann Turns Up The Heat

I think he really should have called the video "Walker does the Arizona Two-Step."

H/T Politico Macchiato


  1. Neumann's commercial is factually incorrect. Walker first presented his opposition to the Arizona bill in an interview with me on April 30th for El Conquistador. The AP merely asked him the same question two weeks later. So it wasn't 24 or 48 hours.

  2. Your argument is moot. They never claimed that the AP was the first to ask. They reported that the AP reported the first position on Friday, which is a factual statement. Walker received a lot of negative feedback and flip flopped on Saturday. I would also point out that he issued his second press release, the flip flop one, while he was on his "county business" bike ride, proving that was a lie.

    He will need to reimburse Milwaukee County for all the money spent on equipment, personnel, etc. that was used to plan, promote and enact his campaign ride.

    BTW, that was only the first of press releases he issued on this ride.

  3. The Harley ride is paid by a private sector business. Nice try though.

  4. Actually, they only paid for the promotional costs. The staff that went along, like campaign staffer/county employee Tim Russell was on the tax payers' dime. Also, the packets were paid by Visit Milwaukee that gets some of their money from tax payers from the County and the City of Milwaukee.

    Sorry, but again, you were caught up in a lie.