Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Walker Will Lose

From one of my favorite conservative bloggers (emphasis mine)

What I don’t get is the Walker campaign’s shameful sloppiness as Mark Neumann turns up the heat. First it was a long-time Walker associate and well-connected corporate lawyer getting busted with his hands in the cookie jar over at my favorite blog,

Then it was Darlene Wink, a staffer in Walker’s official Milwaukee County Executive Office, campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime – posting swooning pro-Walker comments on news websites. (Some are now speculating that Wink doubles as Mom4Scott on Scott4Gov, which may explain its going dark for the better part of a week.)

Then there was Walker’s humiliating and potentially catastrophic flip-flop on the Arizona immigration law. This issue alone is ripe for a post of its own. With immigration still a nuclear issue in the GOP base, Walker’s gaffe is a potential game changer that sows the type of doubt amongst Republican faithful that may bring Neumann into the race to stay. These people all remember Neumann as a man of his word, and Walker’s egregious error plays right into Neumann’s strength.

All of these things are glaring signs of a flagging Walker campaign plagued by poor staff work, careless mistakes, a lack of team discipline and a brewing paranoia about Neumann’s candidacy and Greater Wisconsin Committee’s attack ads.

All of these things point to a Walker campaign that is almost certain to lose – if not in September, certainly in November.

Music to my ears, I tell you.

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