Saturday, May 1, 2010

No, No Need For Health Care Reform Part II

It's not like the high health care costs, which are even higher in Wisconsin than the national average, have any impact on other parts of our lives, right?

The cost of assisted living and nursing homes in Wisconsin is higher than the national average, with a median annual cost of $40,725 a year for assisted living centers and $82,125 a year for nursing homes in the state, according to an annual survey by Genworth Financial Inc.

The annual survey by the financial services company found that licensed home health care services in the state ranged from $19 an hour in Green Bay to $24 an hour in Madison. The median hourly rate nationally is $19 an hour.

The median cost of assisted living centers ranged from $38,160 a year in Green Bay to $42,420 a year in the Milwaukee area. The median cost nationally is $38,220 a year.

The same cost for a private room in a nursing home ranged from $73,913 a year in Green Bay to $102,810 a year in the Milwaukee area. The median cost nationally is $75,190 a year.

Nursing home costs in the Milwaukee area were 37% above the national median cost, according to the survey.

Gee, stop the gouge from the health care business, and then Medicare wouldn't have to spend as much and people's taxes would go down.

Why can't the right figure out that basic concept?


  1. lol, and the loony left still think those on the right want NO reform, they also utter nonsensical statements of entitlement taxes "would go down".

  2. Laugh all you want anon. Call us crazy but the evidence for the right's mere obstructionism is 1. The GOP had eight years to do reform and produced butkus. 2. During this long process under Obama they were given many chances at dialogue and instead celebrated Scott Brown and other signals that meant they only stood for no. 3. They are more in bed with health-care lobbyists than the Democrats.

  3. Capper why are comments unavailable in the thread for BHD? If you want a reply from me please fix that.

  4. The comment box is open. You may want to refresh your browser.

  5. Bert if you are going to toss "facts" like they are more in bed with I suggest you actually look at this information before it is tossed back at you.

    There are a number of sites that provide this information for free; is one.

    For instance PACS for the healthcare industry provide more money to dems than reps 62%/38%

    Healthcare professionals are almost split on donations

    And big PHARMA is almost split

    So, the fact is you are wrong. IF you are wrong on this the remainder of your statements are also in question...big surprise.