Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walker Could Have Avoided BHD Problems Three Years Ago

At Milwaukee County First, I write that I have found out that Walker had a proposal for a secure unit at BHD that would have prevented much of the problems we are watching unveil today. Walker rejected it out of hand.

Basically, it comes down to this:

But even more important than Chianelli’s future with the County is that Scott Walker needs to be held accountable for again putting his political aspirations before the best interests of the county that he is supposed to be leading. He also needs to come up with a plan on how he is going to fix these problems he has created with his ideological short-sightedness.

When Tom Ament had put his own interests before the County’s, at least that only cost us money. Lots of money to be sure, but still, only money.

When Scott Walker puts his interests before the County’s, not only does it cost us a lot of money, but people, our most vulnerable citizens, get hurt and even die because of it. That is simply unacceptable.


  1. If your info is correct on this-you really need to share it, but make sure it is well documented.

    I am a Walker supporter, but I am also concerned about what has been happening at BHD.

    Walker is no mental health professional. I am sure he is relying on the expertice of those he has appointed. One thing though that really troubled me about Walker was his insistence on the St Mikes move years ago. Nobody I know who really knows the issues thought that that would be a good move for clients- what with the outdated facility and the location. (remember city campus?) So this does give me pause and I wonder if that wasn't politically motivated. I'm so thankful the board vetoed that, but I still overall support Walker.

    Anyways, I think they should have a secure unit personally. This directly impacts the recent articles in the newspaper. I'm also disturbed to think that this psychologist Dr Wiedel which you mentioned at the other site would be pressured in any way. I think if you talk to most actual staff working with the clients, you will find widespread support for a secure unit. I am all for patients rights and dignity but there have been too many injuries to staff of all kinds including MD's, to ignore this. It's not a part of the job for staff to be assaulted and certainly it's also important to ensure the safety of the clients- one impacts the other.

    Please- if you have this info you need to share it so that if changes in the system are needed we don't miss this opportunity. The public is only interested in mental health issues when there is some scandal involved, which is unfortunate.

  2. I can promise you that most of the hands on staff really do want the secure unit. I personally am not sold on the idea, and feel that the whole issue is due to not having enough beds. This leads to a higher concentration of people with higher behavioral/emotional needs. Without sufficient staff, we have seen the results.

    Thank you for the kind words. I have provided links to articles supporting the arguments, where they exist.

    Dr. Wiedel is not the only one that has suffered for daring to oppose Chianelli. From what I've heard, Chianelli is a smart man, and would like to do better, but Walker isn't giving him what he needs and then leaves him out to hang, as he is doing in this example.