Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here We Go Again

The farm and fish hatchery again are being jeopardized, and the only person who can save it is Walker. Of course, Walker has tried to kill these programs every year he's been office, so I doubt he will do the right thing this time.

A smart politician would embrace a chance to promote such programs, which have so many benefits for such a little cost, especially while we are still struggling out of the economic mess that people like Walker created.

But no one has ever accused Walker of being smart. He'll probably continue his habit of using the poor as political pawns.


  1. Maybe the taxpayers are feeling like political prawns.

  2. They feel like shrimp?

    Imagine how they'll feel when Walker pushes the local economy over the tipping point and there's no food.

  3. Capper, do you believe in cutting back any social program during troubled times?

  4. That would be like saying there are too many lifeboats when the Titanic is sinking. How about cutting Walker's pay to the hours he actually worked for the County? Or maybe rescinding the large raises he gave his cronies and former campaign staffers? Or how about negating all of the privatization contracts that end up costing tax payers more money than it would have in the public sector?

  5. Please focus on the issue.

    The farm provides food for people in need. The fish hatchery provides fish for the ponds in the parks where many people go fishing every day and where little kids can learn how to catch fish. Local clubs conduct fishing clinics every year in the spring and winter. Fishing is a recreational activity that can actually put food on the table.

    A great deal of the money that supports these programs comes from private sources but they need support from the County and to use the County facilities that already exist.

    Cutting the funding for these programs may save a few pennies but will cost the community far more.