Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mark Neumann's Lemonade Stand

This past week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann announced that he is not going to pursue the WISGOP nomination at next weekend's Republican convention.

He stated that the reason was because he thought the voters "should determine the outcome" as opposed to the Republican Machine. That is much like the argument xoff used against the choosing of David Obey's heir apparent.

Walker has been actively campaigning within the Republican inner circles ever since he was forced out of the 2006 race. His efforts in that regards appears to have paid off, since he has gained most of the endorsements from these people. This week, he and his campaign staff has been hooting and hollering as ABC mentioned him in a story and they stuck his mug on the Drudge Report.

However, the cost of wooing these would-be king-makers has cost him a lot in his popularity among the public. You know, the people that actually vote.

Neumann is jumping on that, which is probably a very wise thing to do, since there is a growing sentiment that is not trending well for incumbents of either party.

With this anti-incumbent trend growing, Walker's own problems in his failure to competently run Milwaukee County, and the faux pas of his supporters, I would say that Neumann might have been dealt some lemons with the GOP nomination, but he is sure turning it into what could be some popular lemonade.


  1. Ask Governor Bob Kasten how much the state convention endorsement helped him in 1978. Oops, guess we can't call him governor after all.

    After that mess, the GOP quit endorsing until now. Those who forget history ...

  2. By the way, "Let the People Decide" was the slogan and theme of Lee Dreyfus's successful primary campaign against the convention-endorsed Bob Kasten in 1978.

  3. Mark Neumann needs a questionable general consultant, a cheap brown bag gimmick, an anonymous blog attacking his opponents, big name RINO "conservatives" like Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich to endorse, and a motorcycle. Then perhaps, Mark Neumann will have a chance. But all kidding aside, this will be a close Republican Primary. Mark Neumann is going to work hard for it, and Scott Walker can think about running for Jim Sensenbrenner's seat once he leaves in a "wooden box."

  4. I've heard it said that the only reason Sensenbrenner is holding on is that he doesn't want Walker to fill his seat.

  5. You are probably right.

  6. I think there is more wishful thinking on this blog than substantiated conclusions. Walker's endorsement by the state GOP will be a huge factor in the November election and will make Neumann's already low odds of winning even lower among the party faithful. And don't forget, it was Walker that was courting the tea party, not Neumann.

  7. Walker is not polling very well among voters outside of SE WI. Considering the trend against both political machines, and Walker embracing the stimulus dollars he claimed to eschew, I'm not sure Walker can rely on the TEA Party people. Plus Neumann has been working the state hard, and not doing it on the tax payer dollar.

    I think that Walker is in deep doo doo and about to be buried deeper in it.