Tuesday, May 4, 2010

People Living In Park Area Complain That It's Too Park-like

In the regional briefs section of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there is a short story of some West Allis residents that have filed a citizen petition calling for the city to do something about the deer:
The Common Council on Tuesday night will consider a citizen petition demanding that actions be taken to reduce the deer population in the city.

A West Allis couple, Mary and Thomas Gorski, say the petition has been signed by 175 residents.

The petition says the deer population has grown - as many as six are being seen at a time - and that the deer are doing extensive property damage.

A letter from the Gorskis that accompanies the petition say the number of deer is attracting coyotes and that the deer raise the risk of ticks and Lyme disease.

But when one looks at some of the addresses listed on the petition, one sees that most of them are living in the Root River Parkway, which is an elongated subdivision with a lot of undeveloped land around the river.

Imagine that. You live in an area with a lot of natural area and animals show up. Go figure.

I am just waiting for them to start another petition complaining that cars are driving on the roadways.


  1. Only a city dweller would care. The rest of know that deer are nothing more than really big long-legged rats.

    And no, there are no "natural" areas in West Allis, the deer herd has been allowed to grow in the suburbs because of the loud liberal groups, and now they are moving east.

    I hope this migration continues east so you can share the wonderment and delight that suburbanites have.

  2. Wow, you don't get out much, do you?

  3. Were the loud liberal groups around before we developed the land and the deer still lived there?
    Capper, your trolls will try to refute anything you say, no matter what. Is that fun? We could have some fun with it...

  4. I lived in WA (west of Hwy 100) for years and we had deer in our backyard all the time and we loved it. Also, the coyotes people seem to be just noticing in WA have been around for years and years. We were always stalked by coyotes when we lived off of 102 (east of Hwy 100) near the railroad tracks. They would hunt in the woods along the tracks. They didn't do anything harmful but they were kind of creepy in the way the watched you. I think they would hang around because our neighbor had a smaller dog and they probably were attracted to the dog's scent. They were not afraid of people and they lived out in the open during the day. We'd see them in the field laying in the sun just hanging out.

    The people who are having trouble with the deer need to build a fence.

  5. I should have read the petition before poo pooing these people's complaints in my earlier comment. What bothers me are the deer vs. car accidents. I had no idea there are so many accidents caused by the deer. I would rather see the City of WA deal with the deer in a humane way than see someone get seriously hurt in a car accident. It is a park like area but it is still in the city...and the 175 citizens who signed the petition do deserve to be heard and helped. Now I feel bad for being so flip... :-(

  6. Point of order; when did comment moderation get turned on?

  7. The city deal with the deer? Seriously? Go down to AutoZone and pick up some deer whistles for your car. That's what we did to our minivan after a couple of run-ins with deer up in the north woods (dad was working as a courier at the time), and never had problems after that. They pop off of their mounts easily when needed, so no worries at the car wash, and they're cheap enough that if we ever sell the car, we'll just sell it with the deer whistles attached and go buy a new pair.

  8. I saw a fox today crossing the street, in town. I often see it on the golf course behind me. I also often see deer out there, and a bear has been wandering the neighborhood at night lately. You city folk are missing out.

  9. Yeah, seriously. This isn't the first time a city has had a problem with an over-population of deer.

  10. I wonder how many of those deer-car collisions involved drivers going over the speed limit.

    I have lived within a mile or so of the root river parkway all my life, and have never hit a deer. I also have been driving up north for 25 years and have never hit a deer. But I also use common sense when I am driving through areas where I know that animals might be found, like rural roads or park areas.

    Often times, when people start to complain about deer, whether in a city like West Allis or a more rural town like those up north, it is often because the deer ate someone's flowers.

    When my grandfather passed away five years ago, some friends gave us a hydrangea. We planted it up north and sure enough, in the first year, some deer ate half of it. We just put up some deer fencing (fine black mesh) and we can still admire the flowers without Bambi chomping on them. And the fencing was really darn cheap.

    Heck, in the mid '90s I saw a coyote running around in the streets near 27th and Lincoln.

    Having lived in this area so long, I don't see it being a problem. People just need to learn to slow down while driving and get off their duff to protect their posies.

  11. Coop-

    As for the moderation, I put up a warning a couple of weeks ago. There is a bad actor or group of bad actors that have been plaguing lefty bloggers for a while, either trying to pose as them on other sites, or as they did here, coming and leaving vile remarks which either attacked another blogger's child or were flat out racist.

    I just didn't want that kind of crap on my site, and I can't be around 24/7 to check on it, so this is my best option.

    I apologize for the inconvenience, and will resume regular open commenting when the troll gets bored and goes on to bother someone else.

  12. Sorry to hear those that can't act like adults online have made you a target. I must not have read that previous post very closely. Even though we frequently don't see eye to eye, I'd like to think we've at least had a generally civil discourse, without either one of us misrepresenting ourselves.

  13. Thanks, Coop. It's not the first time something like this has happened. The trolls will eventually get bored and move on, and life can resume more freely again.

    For now, consider it a poor man's version of the seven second delay.