Saturday, May 1, 2010

Support Walker, Win A Prize

Outside of the Southeastern Wisconsin area, it is pretty well known that Scott Walker is losing ground daily to Republican gubernatorial nominee opponent Mark Neumann.

In these troubled economic times, going around bragging about cutting jobs and services isn't a big sell among the hardest hit parts of the state.

Another example comes from the north woods town of Antigo, where Walker appeared at a Lincoln Day dinner, but could only draw 47 people. By the way, my friends up there tell me that the supper club could easily hold 250 to 300 people. I just wonder how many actually came for Walker versus how many came to see gubernatorial candidate Scott Paterick. One thing I know, they didn't eat out of brown bags.

But even in Milwaukee, it appears that Walker is getting nervous about his base, per xoff:

If Walker's spending money to bring his brown bag campaign to Milwaukee voters on TV in April, five months before the primary, it's a sure sign he's getting nervous about his base.

People, and the media, seem to consider Walker the presumptive nominee. He may be the favorite or front-runner, but this is far from over. Don't count Neumann out.

Another sure sign that Walker is getting nervous is he is now bribing people to support his campaign. From an email sent from his campaign:

I encourage you to join our unique online community, MyScottSpot- a tool that is revolutionizing the race for Governor. With MyScottSpot, your ability to impact the election has never been greater. No matter where you live, you can help us build our movement by writing letters to the editor, organizing events, and even making important voter identification calls – all from the comfort of your home!

MyScottSpot is also a great way to connect with me and the campaign staff personally. MyScottSpot users get all of the latest campaign news and can even earn exclusive rewards.
Unfortunately, the email does not specify if those "exclusive rewards" are generous privatization contracts. Regardless, I'm sure that Team Walker will prove themselves to be hypocrites by not mocking Walker for his need for using "incentives."

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