Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is There A Cover Up Going On In Walker's Office?

The same day that Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Darlene Wink, Co-Vice Chair of the Milwaukee County Republicans and Scott Walker's Director of Constituency Services, had been commenting on JSOnline articles in favor of her boss, the very pro-Walker web site, ScottforGov.com stopped publishing new posts.

Shortly thereafter, it was noted that the blog administrators had removed all of the comments from the site. I speculated if this was part of a cover up and whether the entire blogsite was about to go into the deep black hole of cyberspace.

Now the mystery and the intrigue went up yet another few notches.

Today, County Board Supervisor John Weishan sent a letter to Scott Walker, along with an open records request (pdf), including the following:

(click on picture to embiggen)

Just hours after that ORR was issued, it was first noted by Wisconsin Truth Project that the Twitter Account for ScottforGov.com was taken down:

Tonight, as I was pondering ways to get more followers on Twitter, I was struck by the sudden extinction of the Scott4Gov Twitter account.

That’s right… this once-prolific bastion of Neumann-hating and Barrett-bashing is gone. Flat out gone. In the words of Ronald Reagan, Scott4Gov on Twitter has been consigned to the ash heap of history.

And apparently, the mother ship, www.Scott4Gov.com, isn’t too far behind. Or so it would seem.

There are just too many events with such peculiar timing for this to be considered mere coincidence. Someone or someones are trying to do what they can to remove any incriminating evidence. The most logical presumption would be that that person or persons in question are somehow involved with Scott Walker's campaign and/or office.

Scott Walker has a long history of blurring the line between his campaigning and his elected office, as evidenced by Cory Liebmann, who highlights some of the campaign and political cronies to whom Walker has given county jobs. Even more recently is the video showing Tim Russell, sometime campaign worker, sometime county employee, full time Walker lackey, helping on Walker's tax payer-funded bike ride around the state.

Now let me emphasize, without further evidence, there is no way to know if it way to know for sure if it is someone or someones in Walker's office doing this, much less if Walker had any knowledge of this happening. Given this new development, this "digital shredding," perhaps the investigation into it needs to be expanded and made more formal.

Furthermore, it will be interesting to see if Walker's office does its usual stalling tactics on such requests, or if there will be complete and immediate cooperation for a change. Even the slightest delay will only increase people's suspicions regarding this and Walker's campaign in general.


  1. capper, you are the only one who can find a conspiracy or find fault in Walker for doing such things as going to the bathroom, taking his kids to McDonalds or even worse- giving his wife flowers on Mother's day.

  2. Then how would you explain this?

  3. Maybe they have something else planned and didn't bother to fill you in.

  4. Guess they should have one of his assistants try to kill someone so he can be just like the Mayor...

  5. I think a good question to ask is why Darlene Wink needed to have her personal computer at work, which means she had two computers sitting on her desk. I think if I were her boss, I would want to know why. It's also interesting that Mom4scott on Scottforgov.com was created at about the same time her comments on Jsonline.com picked up. Perhaps the open records requests can confirm this. Again, great analysis and reporting on this. I wish the mainstream media cared as much.

  6. I agree open records would reveal much about what gov't employees do with state/county/city owned computers during work hours, and for what purpose...

  7. Aaron, You've got to be kidding, right?

    Mugrack, Yes, they do. They also clear employees who have had a number of them done on them too.