Friday, May 7, 2010

The Secret to Keeping a Job

It's apparently to be the only one that knows how things work (emphasis mine):

Oneida County Clerk of Courts Gina Olson has been publicly reprimanded, after she revealed to the County that she had been having an affair with a Sheriff's Deputy for several years, according to a release from Oneida County Circuit Court Judges Mark Mangerson and Patrick O'Melia.

According to the release, the Circuit Courts received a letter from the deputy's spouse, requesting they consider removing Ms. Olson from her office as the Clerk of Courts. But they decided not to remove her because, "She is the only person in the office who is fully knowledgeable on some of the systems and procedures used in court operations." The release continues, "Removal of Ms. Olson from office at this time would result in a severe curtailment of services to the public and the need to implement emergency plans to continue proper functioning of the courts."

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