Thursday, May 13, 2010

WISDEMS Stole My Thunder

In advance of Scott Walker's tax payer-funded and corporate-sponsored campaign bike ride, the DPW issued a press release that stole what I was going to say:
As Scott Walker this weekend begins his taxpayer- and corporate-funded campaign junket across Wisconsin, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate on Thursday demanded that Walker be forbidden from discussing his race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination along the trip and questioned just how Walker could leave Milwaukee County unattended as it faces a flurry of crises caused by directly by the ineptness of the failed county executive.

Walker, who has no jurisdiction outside Milwaukee County, moved his week-long junket up a month so that it coincides with the Republican Party of Wisconsin Convention, where party bosses are expected to endorse him next week over rival Mark Neumann.

At an appearance earlier this week, Walker said, "I don't answer my phone," when he's riding motorcycles, meaning that, in the face of budget, transit, mental health services, public safety, parks system and pension plan crises, Milwaukee County will go without a leader.

"In one sense, that's okay, because Milwaukee County has been pretty much leaderless during Scott Walker's inept rule anyway," Tate said Thursday. "Voters in Wisconsin can easily see through the shady ethics of this corporate- and taxpayer-funded joyride. We hope as Scott Walker rides through the state, he gives a more truthful account of how he has failed Milwaukee County."
I would just add one thing. I would suggest that somewhere between the Air Tran stickers and the "Walker for Governor" flags, Walker add this onto his bike somewhere:

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