Monday, May 24, 2010

I Thought They Said That The Paper Was Liberal

JSOnline has a brief blurb about how state office's will be closed on Friday, due to furlough:
Most state operations will shut down Friday as workers take unpaid furloughs.

Among the offices that will be closed are Division of Motor Vehicles service counters and call centers and unemployment insurance call centers. State parks will remain open and emergency services will be available.

Most state offices will also be closed Monday to observe Memorial Day.

All state employees are required to take 16 unpaid days off over two years to help shore up the state budget.

A full list of closures is available online at

One's first reaction could understandably be a negative one toward's the state, the unions (even though not getting paid is something they never asked for) and Governor Doyle.

I wonder how that reaction would be tempered if the article included the fact that Friday will also be a mandatory furlough day for most of Milwaukee County as well.

Or that this is just one of up to 22 days that Walker has ordered people to take off without pay, while he takes 140 days of "personal time" to go on tax-payer funded campaign bike rides.

And where as the eight days a year for state workers went through all the proper channels, the 22 days for county workers was strictly a decision made by Walker.

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