Monday, January 24, 2011

And In The News From Bizarro World...

I was not only flabbergasted but experienced a sense of surrealism when I read that Scott Walker had been named to chair the National Governors Association's Health and Human Services Committee.

I mean how could someone who willfully abandoned the needy during the height of the recession or made a such a complete debacle of Milwaukee County's mental health services be named to such a post.

But when I reread the article again, and saw the part about "The panel is expected to play a leading role on issues involving health care and Medicaid reform," I thought it might make sense after all.

Walker can share with the committee on how he for seven years successfully ran the GAMP program, a government controlled health care system that not only worked, but saved Milwaukee County tax payers millions of dollars.

That's when I laughed at myself and realized that we are indeed in Bizzaro World.

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  1. Maybe by "chair" they mean set up the seating in the conference room.