Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've Got A Bad Feeling About This...

This Wednesday, President Barack Obama is coming to Wisconsin.  He is scheduled to go to Manitowoc and tour Orion Energy Systems.  It is expected that his speech will pretty much echo the State of the Union address he gave Tuesday evening.  

But then I saw a Green Bay TV station's coverage of the visit that gave me a sinking feeling:
Gov. Scott Walker has a present for the president.
Walker says he'll be welcoming Barack Obama to Wisconsin on Wednesday, when the president plans to visit a renewable-energy company in Manitowoc. The Republican governor plans to present Obama with a "special gift."
Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie wouldn't reveal what the gift is. He says he doesn't want to spoil his boss's secret.
Given Walker's propensity for bringing embarrassment to our state on a regular basis, this should make most rational adults feel very uneasy.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I really hope that Walker doesn't resist his normal arrogance and hubris and tries to go after Obama for jobs or taxes.  That's will open the door for Obama to take Walker down a few pegs by remarking about Walker throwing away $810 million and thousands of jobs with the train, and now millions of more dollars and thousands of more jobs by chasing off wind power companies.


  1. Don't forget about shutting down stem cell research at UW.

  2. My prediction is: it has something to do with the Packers (another jab at the Bears never hurt anyone), because little pee on, er Gov. Walker, is enjoying his brush with fame ala the Green Bay Packers...but I have been known to be WRONG...a lot.