Monday, January 17, 2011

Dishonoring The Dream In Wisconsin

Today is the official observation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. All across the nation, people gather to remember the lessons of Dr. King and re-pledge themselves to working for racial equality.

Everywhere, but in Wisconsin, that is.

With the new regime that has taken over Madison, the new legislature and governor is doing their best to put us back decades in regards to equality.

Movement is already afoot to re-establish Jim Crow laws such as diminishing educational services or enacting a poll tax in the form of the most draconian voter suppression act in the country.

The most egregious of this new disrespect for Dr. King's dreams is none other than State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-The Old South) who is making his staff work on the holiday. His reasoning is that the holiday is "an insult" to tax payers, and that the holiday, which is named after King, mind you, is not an honor to him.

Funny, I don't recall him saying that about any other holiday, like Christmas or Independence Day, both of which are just "about giving state workers another day off." Nor do I recall him working any of those days.

Good thing he tells us it's not racist, because I don't imagine anyone would have caught on to that otherwise.

Perhaps, someone will key Grothman into, and maybe, just maybe, it will eventually sink into his thick head:
"We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools."


  1. Grothman is such an asshole.

  2. Representative Grothman is just one small part of the problem here. Not all of the school districts inside Milwaukee County are off on this day. I can only hope that those schools that were still in session today took the time to teach what Dr. King was fighting to achieve.

    Too many of our holidays seem to be more retail sales events than an observance of an historical event. That is a problem that we all need to deal with. Many of our holidays call on us to remember significant events, unfortunately some numbers of holidays have been put together into one day. The meanings may be getting lost. Lincolns' birthday and Washingtons' birthday are now Presidents day... How many people remember why we celebrate Labor Day? Or remember why there was a Labor Movement? If we forget our history we will be doomed to repeat it.

    Instead of complaining about workers having a day off, Mr. Grothman, one of our so called "leaders" should have at least been at, or even participating in the activities celebrating Dr. King at our state capitol.

    Perhaps Mr. Grothman will be visited by three ghosts some Christmas.

  3. In Nevada, you need ID to to register and you have to register 30 days in advance of an election.
    Seems like WI's proposal is pretty tame.

  4. No, it seems Nevada is pretty backassward.

  5. No one has complained for almost the 5 years I've lived here and that includes liberals and the ACLU.
    Here's a tip for you. Wisconsin is the number 1 state in tolerance, from the Daily Beast.

  6. Capper assumes that Blacks can't get photo IDs because they are too stupid, broke, or have criminal records.

    It wasn't the most racist thing said this week. John Foust announced on Boots and Sabers that they should "shoot four more sp---s so he could have a whole week off."

  7. Anonymous 10:55 is an obvious troll and idiot. Everyone knows that B&S blocked John years ago over a false accusation. You should try it, he doesn't like sock puppets like you.