Monday, January 3, 2011

The Birth Of A Theoligarchy

With all the pomp and circumstance one might expect from a showboating megalomaniac, and despite being shrouded in a cloud of suspicion, Scott Walker was sworn in as the governor of Wisconsin today.

The day started with religious the religious symbolism that one might hear from a cult leader or from a petty tyrant trying to convince the people that he is not just a man but a god-king. The faithful acolytes of this cult of personality, quoting the scriptures as preached by the corporate media and the false prophets, cheered on what they perceived to be a momentous occasion.

But the adulation of Walker is not the real purpose of this cult. The real motivation is the promotion of the real cult behind this cult of personality and of that religion's high priests.

The religion is the worship of the Almighty Dollar and it's high priest are collectively known as Big Business.

Look at the things that Walker and his Republican allies intend to force down the throats of the populace. They all go to serve one purpose which is the establishment of an oligarchy.

They want to destroy the unions. They've already weakened the private sector unions as shown by the extortion done by companies such as Harley Davidson, Mercury Marine and most recently Kohler. Walker and his allies have done nothing but attack the public sector unions for years, using outright lies and misdirections. While repeatedly saying how the unions need to take concessions and give back to the community, don't look for them to actually take any action regarding this outside of dishing out sound bites.

Without any action to actually address their straw man issues, they will claim that they have no choice but to change the laws, making Wisconsin a right to work state. They will claim that it is to reduce business costs and thus allow job creation. But it won't. While it will lower business costs, the only other things it will do is lower everyone's pay by an average of $5000, make jobs more dangerous and lower everyone's quality of life.

Another goal of the new regime is to consolidate power to the governor's office. Their public reason for this is to streamline regulations, save costs and create jobs. Again, this is false. What it will do is give Big Business more control over what comes out of the state legislature. This will of course save them money, but not to create jobs, but only increase their concentration of wealth. Meanwhile, we will lose consumer protections and rights.

Other things that the newly empowered oligarchy wishes to force upon us include cutting their taxes (but not ours), destruction of social support programs like Badger Care or Senior Care, dismantle the DNR to make it easier for companies to pollute and pillage our natural resources, destruction of public schools, and basically anything else that Big Business thinks will help them amass more wealth and power, regardless of the cost to the citizenry.

As a side benefit, the powers that be will grant their faithful disciples the things that they wish, but as with everything else, won't create jobs but will lower our quality of life. I'm referring to things like making it harder for minorities and college kids (who tend to vote Democratic more often) to vote, allowing people to play cowboys and carry their guns everywhere no matter how inappropriate it is, squelching the rights of women, squelching the rights of homosexuals, and squelching the rights of anyone else who is different from them.

But all is not lost, my friends.

Walker's favorable rating is not all that good. And that was before Walker's grandstanding cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs when he threw high speed rail and all of its benefits away. That was easily exemplified by the hundreds of people from all walks of life and all parts of the state which came to Madison this morning to let Walker know that he may want to answer only to his wealthy patrons, but his still accountable to us, the people.

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