Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet The New GOP, Same As The Old GOP

Well, that didn't take long.  

Three weeks into this new "historic" congress with its tsunami of newly elected GOP politicians, we have our first scandal.  Representative David Rivera (R-Fla.) is under a dual probe for ethics and campaign finance violations:

The 45-year-old Rivera, who was elected to the House in November after eight years in the Florida Legislature, has been under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement since last fall over allegations that he failed to disclose more than $130,000 in loans from a company owned by his mother. Rivera has since repaid the loans by selling off some real estate, but there are least two parallel probes into his finances and campaign records going on now, and Democrats have seized on the controversy to embarrass the House GOP leadership.

Keep in mind that House Majority Leader, Representative Eric Cantor (R-Hypocrisy Land) had promised a zero-tolerance for bad behavior from his fellow House members has yet to say anything, even though he's known about it for at least three weeks now.

They said they were going to reform government and the way it does business, but they sound a whole lot like the same old GOP that we all know but don't love.

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  1. Yeah and Nancy Pelosi was going to have the most ethical House of Represenatives. Meet Barney Frank, Rangel, Waters and a whole host of Democrats who had bad ethical behavior.