Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Milwaukee County Executive Race Finally Heats(?) Up

The candidates for Milwaukee County Executive, with only three weeks until the primary, are finally showing signs of life.

Jim Sullivan has been going around the county campaigning in the old-fashioned way, actually meeting with the voters, listening to their concerns and priorities and offering up his ideas.

Jeff Stone has sent out the first mailer that I've heard about, and the first message he sends is that he would be the one that will save Milwaukee County from "99 days of runaway Holloway."  Too bad for him that it will be only 30 days of Holloway as County Executive, and that Holloway didn't do any running away.  Unless, of course, Stone thinks that Holloway's cleaning out the Courthouse of Walker's corrupt cronies and taking measures to get the airport straightened out is outrageous, which he might since he somehow thinks that Walker had done well as County Executive.

Chris Abele, keeping as ambiguous as ever, ran the first TV ad.  About the only thing he said in it was to make the claim that he saved the county some $200 million on the questionable pension obligation bond scheme.  But even that isn't without controversy,  Holloway is contesting that claim, saying if the County had followed this advice when it was given, the results would have disastrous.

But for Abele and Holloway to be fighting over the questionable and unpopular pension obligation bonds seems to make as much sense as the Skipper and Gilligan fighting for taking credit for shipwrecking the Minnow.

I certainly hope the race takes a turn for the better and soon.

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  1. Stone sponsored the bill to allow the pension borrowing, Holloway supported it, and Sullivan voted for it, so the only candidate with clean hands on that issue is Isehuh Griffin. The rest sink or swim together on pension bonds.