Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walker's Job Plan #4,527: Telemarketing!

Last week, I pointed out to the gentle reader that Scott Walker, like he has always done, has proven to be more sound bite than substance. He jumped all over the fact that the State of Illinois just raised their taxes my some 67%, claiming that Illinois companies would be climbing all over themselves to get to Wisconsin. The problem is, even with their rather steep tax hike, Illinois' taxes are still lower than Wisconsin's.

I'm not the only one to notice that Walker is off the mark. James Warren, writing for the New York Times, points out this truth:
As Chicago’s Metropolitan Planning Council underscored, taxes are important, but keeping an area competitive also involves quality of life, overall fiscal health, specific business incentives and intangibles like leadership. Quality of life includes the culture, restaurants and recreation that lure bright young people to Chicago.

There’s a crying need to think regionally and not just poach others’ enterprises. Ultimately, our real competitors are growing metro areas around the world, like Singapore, Seoul, Istanbul and Munich, so it’s smart to see neighbors as allies in a global struggle in which the United States lags.
But even Walker's claims of lowering taxes below those of Illinois or anywhere else become more and more dubious everyday. First Walker himself lowers the threshold for the massive taxes that he promised during the campaign by whittling down the number of companies that would be eligible for his magnanimity. Then his cohorts in the state legislature cut these acts of corporate welfare back even further, something which Walker has stated he is open to doing.

Walker has taken "Change you can believe in" and morphed it into "Change you can believe in when and if you ever see it."

But Walker isn't satisfied with just an embarrassing sound bite. No way, no how.

He is already falling behind schedule if he ever wants to create the 250,000 jobs (actually, with all the jobs leaving, isn't it closer to 275,000 by now?).

So Walker has decided to degrade his Lieutenant Governor a little bit more by finally giving her a speaking part: That being a telemarketer.

Kleefisch as a telemarketer does raise a couple of questions that inquiring minds want to know:
You know, I can understand how some people got duped into voting for these two clowns, but it is beyond me how anyone can continue to support this comedy of errors.


  1. It would probably do better than anything they've done so far.

    How are you, Arctic Fox?

  2. Awww, is that a new pet name? I LOVE IT! Except I do wax ;)

    Anyhoo, things are doable.
    Ups, downs, all arounds, yanno ;)

    Phone sex does work, if both parties are willing and able. Interesting idea in any case!

    And how is your great tundra .. random thought - I miss Happy Days :)

    Being good? I hope so...

  3. Being good? Never. You taught me well.

    The tundra is in the midst of a little blizzard, with some of your cooling breezes headed our way.

    We really need to put weatherstripping on that border. I appreciate the way you all share, but you can keep the harsh cold to yourselves.

    Just send more beer and Arctic Foxes, shaved or otherwise.