Saturday, January 1, 2011

Walker Introduces Cabinet

And here his Walker's cabinet:

Awfully white, isn't it?

Not only does Walker's cabinet not reflect the citizenry of Wisconsin, as closer looks at his appointees are being taken, it's down right scary.

James Rowen takes a look at Cathy Stepp, Walker's hatchet woman for the DNR. Now word yet on who is going to be the Deer Czar.

And Bill Christofferson points out that Walker's new head of Health and Human Services, Dennis Smith, was the lead hatchet man with the Bush administration tried to kill SeniorCare. Don't be surprised to see 100,000 senior citizens thrown to the insurance wolves. It will probably kill them since they won't be able to afford the outrageous rates the insurance companies charge, but Walker won't care. The elderly don't donate to campaigns like Big Insurance does.

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