Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walker Gets One Job Market To Grow Epically

We all scoffed when Scott Walker promised he would create 250,000 jobs within four years.  We guffawed when his jobs plan seemed to be nothing more than hokey signs or having his incompetent Lieutenant Governor do some telemarketing.  We clamored as our worst fears were being proven true, and he drove the high speed rail and the wind power related businesses out of Wisconsin and on to friendlier business climes.

And the news keeps getting worse.

Much to the dismay of environmentalists, conservationists and sportsmen alike, Scott Walker decided to give special dispensation to a campaign donor so that said donor could pave over some wetlands to put up a shopping strip mall.

One of the big name stores that they were courting to come to this paved-over paradise was Bass Pro Shop.  However, it's apparent that Walker and company didn't bother to do even the most rudimentary of good public relations and find out what Bass Pro Shop was all about.  If they had, they might have noted that the company had a strong environmentalist record.  Without that basic step, it came as a huge and embarrassing mistake for the Walker administration when Bass Pro Shop decided to stop considering that site as a potential site for a new store.

Instead of taking corrective actions, such as offering an alternative site (may I suggest one of the multitude of empty Walmart or other big box stores) or actually listening to the people of Wisconsin and preserving the wetland, Walker decides to stay the course (doesn't that phrase remind you of another failed Republican leader?) and pave over the wetland.  His hope is to still lure Bass Pro Shop to the site, even though they very specifically stated that they do not build on wetlands.

Walker, while focused on trying to reward his campaign donors instead of, you know, actually creating jobs, has also seen jobs leaving our state.  This includes Aerial Co. Inc. in Marinette, which is cutting some 75 jobs, including those that they are sending to Texas.

Even more cutting is American Aluminum Extrusion of Beloit.  They are sending 130 Wisconsin jobs packing to Roscoe, Illinois.  So much for Illinois' recent tax hike as being a business detriment.

Perhaps instead of waving his old "Escape To Wisconsin" bumper sticker around, he should start acting like a responsible leader and give people a reason to want to come here instead of a plethora of reasons why they should leave.

But at least on area of the job market is probably showing a huge boom.  They're going to need a lot of people to move those companies, and the workers following those jobs, out of the state.

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  1. Perhaps one way for him to balance the budget is to sell indulgences for violating State regulations.